Our Mission:

To provide need based funding to empower physical and emotional advancement through martial arts training.

The Dr. Frank Elliott Empowerment Scholarship Fund provides equal access to martial arts training. We align with the purpose of Omniform Martial Arts and individual empowerment to develop physical strength, flexibility, and endurance to amplify personal power: the ability to make conscious choices, strengthen one’s resolve to achieve personal goals, and to develop the strength to move through whatever challenges arise.

Applications will be reviewed and scholarships awarded this JUNE- please note that there are a limited number of scholarships available.  Submitting an application after the MAY 31st deadline will add you to a WAIT-LIST (in case a space becomes available prior to the end of the scholarship award period.) The next full year scholarship award period will begin July 2024.

The Application and Approval Process:

❖ Apply

❖ Qualify

❖ Orientation

❖ Start your martial arts program!

Please note: All applicants being considered for acceptance will undergo an interview and trial period before final acceptance.


In order to receive a training scholarship you must agree to the following:

1. Attend a 45 minute orientation.

2. Maintain 2-3 days/week attendance and achieve specified performance standards in the Omniform training program. Student must attend in-person for the majority of their classes.

3. If applicant is a minor, parent or legal guardian will be in communication with Omniform regarding the child's attendance, growth and development within the program.

4. If the student is a minor, the parent will notify Omniform if the child has a desire to drop out of the program.

5. Parent will notify Omniform if the child has dropped out of the program.

6. Notify Omniform if you should have any problems or disputes with the training.